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jane eyre, steampunk

The classic story of Jane Eyre reset in a steampunk world, complete with zephyr-ships, clockwork, and automatons in addition to the original romance and mystery! 


As a child, Jane Eyre lives with her cold aunt and cruel cousins in the levitating manor Gateshead Hall, but is soon sent to Lowood Institution, the austere boarding school for orphans across continents in India. Jane eventually journeys back to England, to take the job of governess at Thornfield Hall, a mysterious manor that floats in the air above a lake and harbors a dark and shrouded secret.  This retelling retains all of the original passion and intrigue but winds it up to something much more.


Written by Charlotte Brontë and originally published in 1847, these steampunk additions were imagined and added by R.A. Harding almost one hundred and seventy five years later. This speaks to the enduring quality of the book and the unmitigated moxie of one of its fans.

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