Are you really just adding a few steampunk bits and bobs to this masterpiece and calling it good? 

Yes. I love the book, I love imagining new things, and this is entertaining for me. I understand if you don’t find it entertaining and encourage you to enjoy the original! I still do!

Why Jane Eyre?

When I was 8ish my dad handed me Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. My mother wasn’t there to let him know the book was a bit above my reading level. She was dead, give them a break. I couldn’t get into it. I tried, I really did, but lord love her Charlotte is verbose. My brothers were reading Jurassic Park. I wanted to read Jurassic Park, but Dad said I had to finish Jane Eyre. I pretended to finish it, he pretended to believe me. There are some things that parents just don’t need to push. I got to read Jurassic Park and I devoured it in three days. I freaking loved it, especially the part where the velociraptors gutted someone. 

Skipping past all those psychological implications and about twenty years, I was working as a house cleaner to support my “artist” habit and had lots of time to listen. I listened to a bunch of amazing podcasts (does anyone else love The Memory Palace?) and at that time I decided to give dear Charlotte and Jane Eyre another chance. I found a free audio recording and let it rip. 

I loved it. I was blown away, delighted, cracking up and proceeded to listen to it long enough to have a crazy idea – what if I made it into a Steampunk book? What if I put her in a world of Howl’s Moving Castle and discovered what happened?

I have a day job and health insurance and still this little idea has stuck with me. Wormed its way on to a busy page of work. 

Why do you love Jane Eyre?

I love her changing mind. Her keen innocence.  

Who is the narrator of the podcast?

Danyda Feldman. Creator Of puppetry, stories, and is an amazing and creative person!