Chapter One

Authors Notes:

In this chapter we meet Jane: plain, longing, rejected, lots of feelings. I can completely relate to her love of reading. Curling up in a window seat and longing to be far away from where she is. When John comes in and rats her out I wonder what it is like to have such an odius housemate. How many times she endured being hit before this one time she strikes back. As far as clockwork, we understand that she has a mechanical eye. Such wonders can this time produce that the gears can be so fine and perfect to return sight unto the blind.


    This has been my favorite book since I was fourteen! I absolutely love your steampunk update and your loyalty to the emotional heart of Ms. Bronte’s masterpiece! Thank you, Anne, and thank you, Dany! I NEED this and have always needed this! lovelovelove!

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